Shapewear just became so fun!

Dear fashionable friends,

I have to be completely honest with you. I never would have thought I would be so in love with shape wear. That has changed since discovering Jewel Toned. Jewel toned was founded by Rachael McCrary who decided to make her own rules for shape wear in 2013. Rachel made shape wear comfortable, and presentable as outerwear. The pieces in Jewel toned shape wear collection are nothing like the grandma pieces that would originally cloud my mind when thinking of shape wear. These pieces are so diverse. Whether you just want to slip it on with sneakers, wear it around the house, or out to party on the weekend this garment will have you feeling yourself. 

I am a pretty slender girl and small in the bust, and larger in the hips/butt area. This major mini enhanced my features, such as creating cleavage up top. I allowed a smaller friend of mine try on my major mini, and she had hips she didn’t have before. So whether you are a larger girl or smaller girl this is a great piece to add to your wardrobe. This mini can pull in areas that you want minimized or enhance the curves you already have. 

Lucky you! I didn’t want anyone of my friends to miss out on this great piece! So I have teamed with Jewel Toned to offer you a 15% discount on your purchase! Just use NAILEDIT as your discount code.

Outfit details:
Major mini dress: Jewel Toned
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Sandals: Charlotte Russe
Blouse: Macy’s
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