Confidence Series with Milan Darling: Body Love, Self Love and Women Empowerment


Dear Fashionable Friends,

I have some amazing news to share with you. I have the pleasure of teaming up with another boss babe to create a series just for you! When Milan and I met up to discuss the possibility of creating this for you we hit it off immediately. We very quickly discovered we deal with a lot of the same things just in different ways. So we decided we had to share!

Backspace! I recently met Milan through a blogger event on campus at UNT. There was something about her from the first time I heard her speak about her blog I knew this girl was a boss! You can take a look for yourself at her blog HERE

So, now for the good stuff!
What all does this series entail? Well let me tell you..
The three week series will consist of two sides of how we have each dealt with various situations that have shaped us to be the boss babes we are now! These situations will include struggles with body image, relationships as well as self esteem. Through our stories we will tell how we have overcome these struggles and have taken complete control.

We hope by the end of the series we have helped you in one way or another. So exciting to have the support of another woman to work together to strengthen not only one another, but you as well!

We wanted to introduce this series together!
Go ahead..


Catch you on the flip side,



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