Earls 377 & The Transition| Style Ageless

Earls 377 & The Transition| Style Ageless


Dear Fashionable Friends,

I am back with another entry in my recently added category, Places To Go. If you missed my post on LSA you should definitely check that out. This time around I had the chance to check out a place I’d never been before! This darling old fire house was exactly my cup of tea. Such a southern/rustic atmosphere. I immediately fell in love with the decor the moment I stepped in the door. Take a look for yourself..

Earls 377 in Argyle, TX

The pictures don’t even do it justice! This is a place that you HAVE TO try out if you are ever in the area. Definitely AFFORDABLE (one of my favorite words).
What did I have?
Drink | Frozen Peach Bellini (NO JOKE BEST DRINK I’VE EVER HAD)
Appetizer | Nonna’s Meatball’s
Dinner | Amore La Carne: Meatballs
Dessert | Perfecto Pizza


During dinner I had time to think. I’ve been doing that a lot.. actually I’ve been doing that my whole life. If there is one thing I am good at it it’s thinking. I think way more than I should. I have been mostly thinking about the transition period that I am in currently. It kind of blows my mind!

In less than three weeks I will officially be moving to Dallas, TX to start my “Big Girl Job”. I have signed my lease for my apartment and have been getting things together for the big move. Things like setting up bills as well as packing. It’s getting real, real quick!

This is so bitter sweet. You have no idea just how excited I am for this moment that I have waited for so long. BUT I have been so blessed to work for an amazing company with amazing people for the past two years, as well as live so close to my friend it makes me a bit sad to say good-bye. I’ve realized it doesn’t have to be “Good-bye” just “See Ya Later”.

I am not usually very open about my anxiety, but ya’ll it’s real! No joke. Lately my anxiety has been at an all time high. I’m sure you’re asking WHY? I have finally graduated from college, I found a great apartment, and I am employed! This comes back to my overthinking. When things aren’t going exactly as planned or something doesn’t seem like I have complete control is when my anxiety comes in.

I’ve been doing a better job this week at taking control of my emotions and reminding myself of the blessings that are being poured out left and right. It is so easy to become discouraged or to want more than what you have been given. Life is too short and tomorrow isn’t promised. So babes if you take anything from this post please let it be to challenge yourself to find the happiness in yourself each and everyday. Remind yourself why you love YOU.

I’m taking it a day at a time! Enjoying good food, exploring cool new places and enjoying the presence of my amazing friends before I live this town full of memories.

Photography: @RELLRUGELY

Last but not least I’m sure you’re asking..
What did I wear?


Michael Kors Hand-Crocheted Cotton Dress

Michael Kors Sullivan Large Messenger Bag (ON SALE)

Boohoo T Bar Mule Loafer

Catch you on the flip side,




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  1. June 9, 2017 / 7:56 pm

    The food there looked so good! And your outfit is so cute, you look really pretty in it!😊

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