15 Self Care Ideas

15 Self Care Ideas

Dear Fashionable Friends,

It’s been a while! But life gets busy, right? Well, when that happens you have to keep on pushing on. I’ve created a SELF CARE list just for you. These are practices that I’ve taken on over the past few months to slow down and unwind.

15 Self Care Ideas

As entrepreneurs, business owners, side hustlers, and bloggers, it’s easy to put our work before anything else. It’s easy to tell ourselves, “I should be working instead of x, y, or z.” Of course, we want to feel like we’re making progress and not staying stuck in the same place for too long.

That being said, we desperately need to take time for ourselves and to peel ourselves away from our projects and the tasks that never end.

This month I am challenging you to CHOOSE YOU!

Be sure to tag me in your stories with your selected self care methods this month! I can’t wait to see.

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