Self Care September

Dear Fashionable Friends,

Can you believe September is here? It’s still a bit rough for me to wrap my head around. New month, new responsibilities and I’m pushing more self care. I’m thinking lets make a month of it!

How does that sound to you? YES, you heard right the first time. Lets deem this September 2019 #selfcareseptember
I want to see all of your posts – be sure to tag me and use the hashtag #selfcareseptember in any post or stories that reflect self care.

This is so important and we have to hold one another accountable as we would in other areas of our lives. Some of us are good at this and there are some of us who struggle with carving out time to honor ourselves the way we do our work.

A little focus on yourself can go a long way towards feeling relaxed. Here are simple daily, weekly and monthly self-care tips you can start today!

So I’m going to make this challenge a bit easier by providing you with the tools to do so – NO EXCUSES around here.

THE Style Ageless #SelfCareSeptember Guide


1. Wake an hour before everyone else.
2. Enjoy a treat in the evening—everything from a glass of wine to milk and cookies.
3. Watch an episode or two of a binge-worthy show.
4. Take a hot evening shower, even if there’s a plan to take a “regular” shower in the morning


1. Do a manicure
2. Take a relaxing bath.
3. Find one place to go, alone, for a few hours (work doesn’t count)
4. Read
5. Listen to an uplifting podcast


1. Devote time to organizing
2. Do a pedicure
3. Volunteer
3. Catch a movie

Over the years as I’ve challenged myself to balance a multitude of activities, commitments and general to-dos, I’ve come to realize that one of the most important things I can do for myself is think about, well, me.

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All the best, 


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