Dear fashionable friends, 
I absolutely love home decor. I believe there is no better feeling than coming home to something you love. I absolutely adore my room. It is a space that I could stay in all day, and just feel great about being there. When things are decorated in white I just feel happy and clean! So of course I used white as my primary color for room decor. Lets check it out!
I use this trunk which happens to be my favorite piece of furniture as my bed side table. I have three different catch all jewelry plates as you can see, two whites and a silver plate. The trunk, and the catch all plates were all thrifted! This cute lamp was found at Ross for $8. I found the catch all jewelry holders for under $2 each, and the trunk was $25. The Texas canvas was a gift made by a friend, and the barbie manequin is from my childhood. Just a small put together rustic chic area used as my bedside table.

Here I have my clothing rack I purchased at Ikea for $10. Yes, I do have a closet. I just love the extra space, and the boutique feeling it adds to the room. I chose to display only black and white items on my rack due to the organization look. The two white frames, and Texas you see hanging above the rack were all found at goodwill originally maple wood. I painted these pieces with a basic fifty cent bottle of acrylic white paint. Turquoise frame found at Goodwill as well. Tall lamp purchased at Walmart for $10.

Here is my resting place! My white shams and and duvet comforter are from ross, $30, The two grey decorative pillows are from ross as well $10 for the pair. I ordered my custom monogrammed Texas pillow from Etsy. All pieces hanging over my bed were thrifted or extremely old. I painted all these previously colored items white to match my other decorative pieces.

I like to call this area my very own wall scrap book. This is where I post my goals, to do list, and cool photos and souvenirs from different events. I have a decorative canvas to the left picked up at Ross for only $15, and two poster boards at fifty cents a piece from goodwill. At the very top, framed is a photo from a magazine cover I was featured on in 2012.
Perfect size bookshelf at target for $25. I built this all by myself, very easy to assemble. Here i keep a few of my favorite keepsakes, magazines, jewelry, nail polishes, etc. 

“Live your best life” I read this quote everyday before I kick off my morning, I love it! I purchased this small canvas for around $8 at ross a while back. The shelf it is positioned over is from Goodwill, originally maple wood. I painted this particular piece with the same fifty cent white acrylic paint I mentioned earlier.

So I hope that gave you some idea of my taste in home decor! I am actually in the process of opening my online boutique which will include AGELESS Decor! So stay tuned for pieces you can add to your very own home. If there is anything in particular you would be interested in, just leave a comment.

Catch you on the flip side,


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