Dear fashionable friends,
this weekend I was blessed to see my 21st birthday! Of course I am so excited, especially since I can buy wine now. My weekend went great, and I am thankful for all who celebrated with me. For this memorable occasion I wanted a 21st birthday shoot to have something to look back at in my older age. So my darling friend Koren made this dream come true. Check them out.
Thank you so much Koren!!!

My birthday is January 11th. This year it happened to fall on a Sunday. So of course we counted down until midnight, and celebrated immediately. We went to Fry st. here in Denton, TX for my “crawl”. I chose to wear a crochet top, leggings, and an over size sweater for comfort. 
A bold lip can take take your look to the next level.

Wonder how I got my teeth so white? You have to try out Crest 3D whitening strips.

So AGE is officially legal! Next weekend I will be having a 21st birthday sleepover. So check back to find out all about it!
Catch you on the flip side,
A G E 

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