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Dear fashionable friends,

La Clé pronounced “the key” in french was created to help people feel good and look good with one piece of jewelry. The key serves as a healthy reminder to live a positive life.

What’s your color? Check out the chart below.
My color is white which represents original and authentic. I chose this color because I am a very simple old school girl. I love authentic meaningful things, and those are the things I hold closest to my heart. 
Each necklace is made of a different hand dipped vintage key coated with a gloss to make a fabulous shine! 
What’s my favorite part?
When the color of your key fades over time, it symbolizes the positive energy being absorbed. At that point you take a picture of your #Nakedkey to send in along with a note with the what the color/word means to you. At that point La Clé will donate in your name to a charity of your choice.

This company is doing a great thing, and I support them to the fullest. I love to shop, I love jewelry, and even more I love to support charities. 

Outfit details
Satchel (Similar)

You can have your very own key for FREE

Comment below with your favorite color to enter!

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