Blogger Babes That Rage

Dear fashionable friends,

If you follow me on Instagram you may be wondering what exactly #RAGE is. Well RAGE is the blogger babe duo. Ray + Age create RAGE. It’s one thing to have a great friend, but to have a great friend that understands things you love takes friendship to a whole new level. Raven “Ray” is an absolute #GirlBoss that I admire beyond words. I am so happy to call her a friend. She is the ultimate go getter, and motivator. Since we became friends two years ago I have watched her grow and transform tremendously. They say, “You are who you hang with”. If that truly is the case I am proud to call this babe my friend and blogger buddy. 

I love all my friends! But when you’re the only one wanting to take pictures to get that perfect #OOTD post for Instagram you begin to feel annoying. Constantly coaching someone the specific way you want the picture taken.. Haha. Well after realizing we deal with the same issue we decided to make a weekly blogger date our new thing. This was the best idea ever! Not only does it give us our time to chit chat about what’s going on in our lives but it also gives us the opportunity to get those pictures we want. 

So the question has been answered, we are RAGE! Stay tuned for weekly post on both our Instagram accounts @styleageless & @ravenelyse !

For Raven’s outfit details follow @Ravenelyse on Instagram. Refer back to my last post for outfit details.

Catch you on the flip side, 



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