9 Happy People Styled

Dear fashionable friends,

I am so happy to represent 9Happy People  a public benefit corporation. Their goal is to create a lasting impact on unemployment in South and East Dallas. 

Why 9?

“Simply put, The Power of 9 is what our collective voices can achieve. Think about your typical day — you likely interact with at least nine people. What if in each of those interactions you could share a positive and empowering message? And then those nine people shared something positive with nine others?

If we repeat this pattern nine times, we get to 387 million, which is the population of the United States. So your one small interaction has the power to impact something much larger than a few people. That’s all it takes — a first step from someone like you to join us. This is the Power of 9.”

Through the profits from the sale of the shirts jobs are created in two ways. First by hiring locally. Creating jobs by hiring people from the community to print, pack, and ship the products. Secondly by reinvesting half of the profits back into the community. This is done by investing majority of the profits into helping unemployed citizens with training and job placement. 

I personally love to give back! What better way to give than doing so while shopping? We’re going to shop anyway, so make it count! I styled my 9Happy people shirt just to my liking. There are many different designs you can find on their website, and each design has a positive message to send. 

Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr: @9happypeople 

P.S. – I never leave you guys with out a discount! 
Age does her best to shop for less! 
Use discount code: 9HP20OFF at checkout.

Outfit Details
Shorts: DIY (Similar)
Shoes: Cato

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