Dear Fashionable Friends,

Football season is around the corner!
 Let’s be real when tailgating in the south, a team t-shirt simply will not cut it. Ladies wearing their best dresses, cowboy boots and pearls stand alongside men wearing khakis with tucked in shirts. This isn’t for a fancy church event. These fashionable fans are ready to kick off another college football Saturday in the South.

UNT 2014 Game Day Photos

 Caroline and I chose to wear our favorite white dresses paired with boots. Boots are an essential to your down south tailgating ensemble. 
You can get your very own Game Day boots like the pair caroline is wearing at Sheplers

Below I have included some of my favorite online game day finds for UNT. 
You can’t forget to accessorize.

I haven’t forgotten about my readers who attend schools other than UNT. If you attend a school that is in the SEC, ACC, BIG 10, BIG 12, PAC 12 or American conferences you can find your perfect fit at Sideline Sweetie


I will be posting weekly Game Day Outfit ideas beginning September 12th. Stay tuned!

Catch you on the flip side, 


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