Recap | Game Fit Wins

Dear Fashionable Friend,
Over the past couple of weeks I’ve shared game day outfit inspiration. Today I am just giving you  a recap including what I think are essential to complete your winning game fit. 

Game Day Essentials

Cross Body | You’ll need this to carry your wallet, game ticket, cell phone, and of course your makeup to retouch.
Statement Necklace | If your wearing your favorite shift dress or just a pair of skinnies with a tee a statement necklace will take your fit to the next level.
Team Color | If you are wearing black or white and staying neutral don’t forget to accessorize with your teams color. You want to make it clear who exactly you are supporting.
Boots | Adding a southern touch game day boots are just a given. 
Sunglasses | You want to be able to actually see what is happening down there on the field. You do not want to forget your sunnies.
and most importantly don’t forget your game ticket!

Go through this your check list before you leave home & don’t forget to have fun!

Catch you on the flip side,

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