Michael Kors Fall Wish List

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Dear Fashionable Friend,

I have huge news to share with you. I recently made a job switch. I am now a stylist at Michael Kors. It has actually been a while since I’ve worked in retail. I’m going into week three of training, and loving every bit of it thus far. Of course working there the temptation is real. Michael just released his new fall collection so I found it fit to create a wish list. Today I am sharing my wish list with you all.

  1. Pavé Gold-Tone Ring 
  2. Runway Oversized Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch
  3. Hvar Sunglasses
  4. Jet Set Travel Large Smartphone Wristlet
  5. Fur Keychain
  6. Jet Set Large Saffiano Leather Crossbody
  7. Shaw Suede Ankle Boot
  8. Gretchen Leather Ankle Boot
  9. Greenwich Suede Bucket Bag
My favorite thing about working for Michael Kors is wardrobe. In the upcoming weeks I will be shooting a few full outfits from Michael Kors’ Fall Collection. Make sure you are subscribed so you know when!

Catch you on the flip side,

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