Michael Kors Joggers + Spring Semester Is Here

Wearing: Joggers | Sweater | Boots | Blazer

Dear Fashionable Friends,
I can not believe school is back in session. Winter break was extended this year to last over a month. Although the break was indeed long, it just wasn’t long enough. Now is the time to buckle down and get back to the books. I am actually excited to start this Spring semester because it means I am one step closer to finishing. This will be my second semester as a Digital Retailing student. Fall 15′ was my best semester since transferring to UNT, and I believe it has everything to do with changing my major to something I am passionate about. This semester set a goal for yourself, and make it happen! I believe in you, and I hope you do as well.
For this #OOTD look I wanted to share my new Michael Kors Joggers with you all! Easy go to for creating a casual chic look. I think this outfit is perfect for cruising through campus. 
Good luck this semester to everyone in school!
Catch you on the flip side,

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  1. This site continuously keeps me update about the fashion industry since longer. They are looking so gorgeous and so pretty. I am very fond of your blogging and posting. I like it your every posts and also share it to my friends. The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Jacket


  2. Love your jogger pants, they are so cool!


  3. Thank you! They are so comfy!


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