Valentine’s Day Pink Romper

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Dear Fashionable Friends,

  I know the perfect Valentine’s day dress can be hard to find. I decided to go a different route this year after coming across this perfect little romper. You can wear any color of shoes you like, pair any clutch you want with it, and throw on whatever jewels you feel most comfortable with. Valentine’s Day is usually for us women, but I feel like it is a perfect time to show our men how much we love them. Here are some fun Valentine’s Day surprises for your man.

-Scavenger Hunt: even if it is just around your neighborhood. Go to places you love and leave sweet clues about why those places meant to much to you. You can have it take you to pre-dinner, dinner, post-dinner, and then a nightcap
-Get some new lingerie: This explains itself. If you need a little boost, get your man something he would NEVER expect to see you in.
-Take him to his favorite place, not yours. This just shows him you are willing to be selfless on the big day. This will go  A LONG WAY.
-Share his hobby. Does he play golf? Then go out to the course or to top golf together. Is there something else he loves to do? Find a way you two can enjoy it together..even if it means getting your butt on a bicycle or playing a video game!
-I never recommend going to a fancy dinner. You can do that anytime. Plus, you don’t want to have to fight through the crowds and eat from a set menu. Instead, cook something together that you have never tried before, play a card game, watch a comedy. Spend ACTUAL time together.

I hope you all have an amazing Valentines day!
Catch you on the flip side,


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