SAM TURNS 5 + Maxi Lovin’

Outfit Details: Maxi Dress

Hello, Spring! I’ve brought out the floral print. I’m loving this sleeveless, flowy maxi dress. Guess what!? Sam turns 5 today! If you haven’t met sam you need to follow me on Snapchat NOW (age1994) you can follow him there. He is so fun and full of energy! Yesterday we decided to go on a walk to the park where he was also able to take a swim! I wore one of my new favorite maxi dresses from I’ve linked the direct link to my dress in the outfit details. I love how comfortable and affordable their maxi dresses are. My favorite thing about maxi dresses is that you can dress them up for a fantastic event, or dress them down like I did for a fun day in the park. I hope everyone is adjusting to the time change alright. 

Catch you on the flip side,

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  1. You and your dog are so cute!


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