Texas Strong + Izzy Acosta Design

Texas Strong + Izzy Acosta Design

Dear Fashionable Friends,
I absolutely love this outfit and the surroundings of where we did the shoot. In case you didn’t I know I am a small town girl from Tyler, TX. I actually moved to North Texas about three years ago to pursue a fashion degree. I was born and raised here in Texas and as cliche as it is I’ve always been a small town girl with big city dreams, and I definitely plan to turn all of those dreams into a reality.
I believe this top is perfection. I love the detailing and the bandanna that Izzy incorporated. Izzy Acosta is an amazing fashion designer that I had the pleasure of getting to know and modeling for during her time at the University of North Texas.
If there is anything as valuable or more that I will leave school with it will definitely be the relationships formed with the amazing and talented people I have met while living in Denton. I think sometimes we are so caught up in starting the next chapter or moving to the next thing that we do not take the time to appreciate those around us.
I have recently realized just how many connections and relationships that I have formed within the last few years. I am forever grateful for these amazing friendships and partnerships that have been created. For that I will forever be thankful that I was able to attend college.
This Texas summer heat has been HOT! So recently my outfits of choice have been either off the shoulder or strapless paired with some of my favorite DIY cutoff shorts.
Stay tuned for more Summer inspiration!



Outfit Details: Shorts | DIY
Handmade Top | Izzy Acosta  
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