Can’t Rain On This Parade

Dear Fashionable Friends,
Here this week in the DFW we have been receiving lots of rain and I can’t say I am to thrilled about it. I can appreciate rain but only from the comfort of my home in my bed snuggled up. I’m sure most of you would agree with me on this! But just because it’s raining doesn’t mean the show stops! Although November is here I definitely feel like we are still in a season transitioning period here in Texas. For today’s outfit I chose to mix materials, colors and looks. I went for an edgier look than usual and I loved the outcome. The pop of color on this gloomy day definitely game me the spark I needed. 
I will be sharing more outfit of the day inspiration with you guys every week so stay in the loop! If you aren’t already following me on Instagram be sure to do so @ styleageless 
Catch you on the flip side,
A G E  

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