Barley & Board Brunch x Style Ageless

Dear Fashionable Friends,

Do you love brunch as much as I do? It’s a total excuse to dress, take cute pictures and drink yummy mimosa’s. Barley & Board in Denton, TX is the ideal place for this. If you’re in Denton you definitely want to add this to your brunch list – TRUST ME on this one! Did I mention the food is yummy as well. Tastes like you’re in your grandmother’s kitchen with the homemade biscuits and maple syrup.

The natural lighting in this place is absolutely AMAZING! So if you’re like me and you choose your places based on what your photo outcome will be like – this is definitely your place to be.

Brunch at Barley & Board


100 W Oak St
Denton, Texas
(940) 566-3900

Outfit Inspiration


I woke up a bit late for this brunch date, so I decided to go with the flow of my mood for the day. I decided to turn this button down dress into a layering piece over this adorable thrifted top. Of course, your favorite summer shorts are always a go-to at this time of year. Mules are my top pick when it comes to determining shoes for the day.

Catch you on the flip side,


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  1. Sherese is my mom says:

    Orange juice gives you cancer!!!!!!!!!! Be careful!!!!!!!!!!!


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