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Dear Fashionable Friends,

I just wanted to chat a little with you. My mind is racing 24/7, sometimes more than I’d like. I am consumed with thoughts of my future and often time things that are out of my control.

At this current moment I am completely and utterly consumed with happiness. For the first time in such a long time I found myself in tears of joy. Not because of my amazement within myself but in absolute awe of how gracious the Lord has been to me.

Last month I set time aside to start writing out my goals for 2019. Today, 10/8/18 I have already checked off 3 of those 5 major goals I’d set for myself. It is such an exciting thought to think about.  Graduating college a year ago I had long term goals that I’d wish to accomplish. Never would I have ever guessed that so much of that would be accomplished so soon.

3 months and 3 days from now i will be turning 25 years old! Oh, how time flies. I am extremely proud of where I am today and all that I have accomplished at this point. You guys, this is just the beginning.

I can assure you, I’m just getting started!

You know I’m all about a good steal
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Over these past few months there are a few important things I’ve learned that I want to share with you:

  • No matter how much you want something for someone they have to want it more.When I care about someone their dreams become mine. I will do any and everything I can to help them get to where they want to be. Sometimes I catch myself putting in an effort that is in no way being matched. Nothing is wrong with caring and wanting to help someone. But sometimes you have to take a step back. I’ve learned this the hard way but it is so important to note.


  • Surround yourself with likeminded individuals.Darling, you aren’t obligated to surround yourself with people based on an amount of time you’ve known someone. People outgrow one another, that’s normal. Nothing is wrong with this and it is something you have to evaluate for yourself. Where are you in your life? What do you want your relationships to look like? After recently evaluating friendships I’ve realized there are people who I give my all and pour into as hard as I can. But when I think about this picture from the other side I am not seeing any of that effort reciprocated. Those are the relationships you have to decide if they are worth the effort or not.


  • Budgeting is your best friend!I truly believe that it’s not about how much money you make it’s all about how you save it. If you take control of your finances today you won’t be a victim of them tomorrow. (Stay tuned for my upcoming budgeting post! This is one you don’t want to miss)

“There are people who have money and there are people who are rich”
– COCO Chanel

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Catch ya on the flip side,


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