Mission: Optimistic October

Mission: Optimistic October

If you love it, you’ll make time for it

Dear fashionable friends,

Mission: Optimistic October starts now! We’ve made it through self care September and now it’s time to move on. Before doing so, ask yourself – how well did you do at living our Self Care September?

I shared what I like to think was a pretty good list of things to do for Self Care September and now I’m going to share an even more specific list on how to tackle Mission: Optimistic October. Fall is here and I’m all about going into this month with an optimistic view.

So how can you tackle this new month? Let’s jump to it…

  • First, I want to challenge you to take some time this weekend or one night this week and create a Self Care Plan. Here is the Self Care Guide I previously created if you need a little head start. 

  • Re-evaluate your finances! (You heard me)  This may not be the most fun thing to add to your optimistic October list, but you’ll feel so good once you do it. I love starting the month off by taking control of my finances and putting a plan in place. Looking for some help in this area? Check out Financial Tips For 20 Somethings    by yours truly.

  •  Get ORGANIZED! This includes but is not limited to your closet, your fridge, your pantry and even your car! Let’s start fresh you guys – a little decluttering never hurt anybody. It’s safe to say it’s more attainable to choose one and go for it!

  • Try a new recipe! If you don’t know which one to go for I’ve included my favorite HERE <- 

  • Define your priorities for October

  • Despite the above list – SLOW IT DOWN! Take this Optimistic October to refocus and finish the year strong. Be sure to give yourself time to do that!

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